Hypnosis Downunder - Comedy Hypnosis Stage Shows
"Feel Good" Hypnosis Shows
Go "downunder" in trance ...with Wayne
Wayne Donnelly, stage hypnotist. Hypnosis-Downunder
Laugh yourself silly in Wayne's hilarious, live comedy hypnosis shows. If you're looking for a fun time, a memorable time, a mesmerising time then ...NOW is the time to book into see his next show or book a show. You are guaranteed to laugh until your sides hurt.

voodoo kangaroo dollSee the show or BE the show - where the "co-stars" are the "show stars".

Will you be next to "talk with the fish", be Miss Australia or maybe have your favourite body part go missing?
Wayne’s show is also perfect for your next corporate event, fundraiser, team building event, product launch or curtain raiser.

Click on the pics to watch Wayne's videos

Wayne shares about his shows and what you might expect from his comedy hypnosis show.

993FM DemoHypnosis demo "live on air" ay 99.3 FM
Volunteers come forward to experience hypnosis "live" on air at 99.3 FM Northside Radio.
You know, you can even get Wayne to perform at your next party.

manly street hypnosis picHypnosis - Street style in Manly
On the streets of Manly Wayne ventures forth and entertains the passers by with demonstrations of hypnosis. this volunteer gets "stuck".

Once you see the show you won't be stuck for a show idea.

2SER Hypnosis Demo on Radio
This DJ was amazed that he could no longer speak, remember or count the number 2!

Although, you'll remember who to call for your hypnotic fun.

Happy audience members share what they enjoyed about the show.

And you too can be enjoying your own hypnotic experiences with Wayne. Just give him a call...now.

OK, she may not really be Miss Australia, BUT, she absolutely thinks she is!

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's more to come! Subscribe to my You Tube channel to get the latest.
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