Hypnosis Downunder - Comedy Hypnosis Stage Shows

Wayne Donnelly, stage hypnotist. Hypnosis-DownunderAttention - Event organisers frustrated by trying to find unique and entertaining shows.

Book a comedy hypnosis show for your next celebration, corporate event or fundraiser..

Learn how you can benefit from having a comedy hypnosis show to make your team laugh until they cry


Intro Wayne
Attention - People who are stuck and frustrated with not getting the life results they want!

Whether you want to -- 
- become a non smoker
- lose weight
- remove a phobia
- become a better golfer
- get higher school marks
- be a better version of you

Attention - Executives, sales people, managers who feel that they are just not getting their message across!

If you want to learn how to get your message across easily and effortlessly then you might want to check this out.

What if you could have people come across to your point of view in only a few sentences?

What if you could be a compelling influencer?

Imagine the difference that would make to your career, your sales, your enjoyment of life.

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