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Hypnotic Solutions for you!

In person with Wayne

You can benefit from Wayne's experience in advanced hypnotic skills and Neuro Linguistic Programming to create effective and lasting change the comfort of your own home.

For an individual, one on one consultation either in -
- one of Wayne's Gold Coast rooms,
- via Skype or phone,
- or in home (if you're on the Gold Coast and travel is an issue for you)

Call Wayne now to make an appointment on 0416 929 636 or

Or purchase your own hypnotic recording

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1. Relaxation Rescue

Relaxation Rescue 00
Imagine 10 minutes after downloading this recording you can be enjoying the slow lane. Drifting, dreaming, relaxing....all the way down...
easily and here

2. Bust The Habit Forever
You have made the decision to ....become a non-smoker....and it is time to get you started....reprogramming....adjusting your old beliefs to be...changing... your unconscious....association to positive, powerful and empowering beliefs as a non-smoker....
You have four options to do this click here to see them

3. Bust The Waist

Become your ideal body image....turn your focus to being a fit and healthy person....listen to the messages in this recording as they guide you to ....eliminate negative beliefs....lift your self esteem...develop new positive beliefs about how wonderful you really are...
You have four options to do this click here to see them

You are important to me, even though I may not have met you. To ensure that you receive the very best of hypnotic recordings to create powerful changes in the lives of my listeners ....I invite and welcome your constructive feedback click here

4. Bust A Phobia
Fears and phobias take away the power and freedom that you can have in your life. The messages in this recording will rewire your old patterns of thinking about the object that you fear. Buy listening to these messages... will....... develop new patterns of thinking to .......liberate and empower you...... Be confident..... Bust Your Phobia NOW!click here to buy your recording now

 For a customised recording tailored just for you  - email me at
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