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The Instant Induction process described

This week I received an email from Dawid in Gloucester, UK asking me how to do an instant induction. It seems like a lot of people want to know how to do this. There are plenty of You Tube videos of people showing how to do instant hypnotic inductions. Some are great. Many are terrible and at times unsafe.

Let me start with the terrible demonstrations. These stand out for several reasons-
1. They do not ask permission - this is always important because someone could object and respond aggressively. Also, its unethical.
2. No regard for volunteers safety. Setup the parameters of what you are doing. If the Instant Induction is on the streets, keep away from the kerb, maybe have someone else prepared to watch the area around the volunteer for hazards.
3. Unsafe practices. Again, look after your volunteer. If you are doing a shock type induction then guide their landing to the ground. If using the sudden pulling forward of the head - make it smooth and gentle - no jerking.

The remaining post is my response to Dawid.

OK. Lets see if we can get you started

1. I think, first of all that you need to begin with yourself.
What I mean is this;
- believe that you can hypnotise people
- visualise your self hypnotising people
- visualise people being hypnotised because you are the hypnotist
2. Suggestability testing
This is where you do things like the magnetic fingers, "the brick and balloon" test, sway test or similar.
When you see that people are responding to these tests then you are finding people that will be more likely to go into hypnosis with you. At this point, if people do not respond to your suggestions then you simply thank them for taking part in the test and look for someone else.
3. Once your volunteers have done a few suggestability tests then you're ready to go to the next stage - Instant Inductions
4. Instant Inductions
The keys here is to remember A - B - S
A stands for getting their Attention
B stands for Bypassing the critical conscious factor
S stands for communicating with the Subconscious.

Have a look at my youtube video again
After doing the suggestability tests I then move towards getting his attention. This can be done by asking the subject to focus on your eyes. If you do this you can use the hypnotic gaze  - this is where you may look directly into only one of the volunteers eyes. Or you may just gaze at the point at the top of the nose between the eyes. The subject will think you are looking into his/here eyes.
Next , have them breathe in deep through the nose and exhale slowly through the mouth about 3 times. This oxygenates the brain. Raise your hand upward as they breathe in and down again as they blow out. Watch their reaction, you will see that they breathe in and out as slowly as you raise and lower your hand.
Make sure you breathe in to guide them them and also exhale at the same time. This increases the rapport at a subconscious level.
Do what I do in the video. When you place the hand behind the head, cup it behind the head. Say sleep..sharply as a command and at the same time pull their head forward into your chest (make sure this is firm but gentle and definitely without jerking the head - they are your volunteer and their safety is your responsibility). This is the part where you bypass the critical factor. The conscious mind is confused and is looking for direction. The word sleep directs it where to go.
From there you keep up the hypnotic patter - reassure them "thats right, you are doing well" and continue to guide their direction - "drifting..... dreaming....relaxing...all the way down...".
Then bring them up without counting them up. You want to keep them in trance and deepen it by fractionationg. Fractionation is where you bring them up and then take them down again several times in succession. It is a very effective method of deepening the trance effect.
After fractionating and whilst they are still on your shoulder is the time to give a suggestion - whether it be hand stuck on the waist as you see on the video or amnesia or catalepsy - make it clear and also get the volunteer to nod as a signal that they understand. It is also important that you tell them the signal for release from that state - eg clicking the fingers next to the ears or clapping the hands etc.
After bring them out of the stuck state and especially for amnesia ask them to tell you what it is that you asked them to forget - a number, their name, where they are etc. Again, this is your responsibility as a hypnotist to look after your subject. Maybe stick with one thing like catalepsy or stuck hand before going further.
Now put them back into trance, count them up and ensure you say to them that at the end of the count they will be feeling relaxed, refreshed and alert. When you get to the end of the count say that again and also say  - "and you do feel good...don't you?
Remember Dawid, its all fun. Every time you do this its just like doing an experiment to see what works and what doesn't work. The more you do it...the more you'll get it.
Thanks for asking this question. I'm going to use it as a blog post today on my site.
When I come to the UK in the future I'll invite you to a show. Also, look out for a guy called Igor Ledochowski. He has some trainings coming up in the UK. You'll love his work.
Have an awesome day and be an awesome hypnotist.
Go Downunder - inTrance
+61 416 929 636
Twitter-  @waynedonnelly
Skype-  wayne.donnelly

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