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What do you see?

What a great sunny, spring long weekend it has been in Sydney. Very refreshing, rejuvenating and renewing.

A few things happened over the weekend that really reinforced that we see what we think we see and not what we don’t think we see. Well, we couldn’t see it if we were not thinking about it..see.

They were just funny things that highlighted how our beliefs and perceptions shape what it is that we see. Let me share with you a couple of instances;

1. I was updating our medical insurance…ticking the boxes….dental ..yes…chiropractic…yes…pyscotherapy…NO!. Alexandra (my wife) then pointed out that the word was PHYSIOTHERAPY..not PYSCOTHERAPY.. I said I was probably focusing on on the therapeutic aspect of hypnosis and NLP. Alexandra said …optical….YES!

2. We went for a walk in Manly. To get to The Corso we are about to cross the road at a pedestrian crossing. I could see that the best way across was behind a car that was stopped halfway onto the crossing. Alexandra saw that the best way was in front of the car. What was different? Just our beliefs and perceptions.

It reinforces that whatever you believe to be true…is true for you.

Try this exercise for fun, anywhere, anytime. Ask someone you are with “What do you see? Describe it for me.” What you will hear is their interpretation of the surroundings according to their “map of the world”. All the things they see and don’t see, everything they describe will fit in with their belief systems.

This may just be helpful to recall when you are disagreeing on something or when your significant other can’t see the salt in the cupboard even though it’s in (your) plain view. They believe they can’t see it…so they don’t.

An interesting twist on this is in addressing your own situation. Is there something you want to change or improve in your life and it seems that you can’t quite grasp it. Maybe there is another question you need to ask your self to enable you to be able to see or grasp the answer that creates your breakthrough. Even something as simple as “what else can this mean?”

Play with the idea and have fun. Remember that you are an awesome person.


If you have any questions about belief change the email me at

9 Comments to What do you see?:

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Great job, I have got interesting points and methods here after reading this hypnosis-downunder blog,keep it up. Mainly sharing about anxiety axed pressure to perform for selection at schools
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