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What do Aussies think of hypnosis shows?

Hope you had a great week. If you’re in Australia – did you back a winner in the Melbourne Cup or maybe scoop the pools in the $100m OzLotto draw?
It’s interesting to observe what Aussies do for fun and entertainment. Whether it be partying, celebrating great events, performing at sport or whatever. And of course, if you’ve been reading my blogs you know that I believe that whatever we do, we do what fits into our belief systems. Like the bit in the horses mouth, our beliefs guide and direct our actions.
This brings me to my next thought about what Aussies think of hypnosis shows. Last weekend I was doing some hypnosis demonstrations at The Brewhouse in Darling Harbour. This is part of promotional activity for my show there on Thursday 29th November. As I walked amongst the various tables I was met with a number of varying responses.
The first table I walked up to were sort of shocked – well, understandably. How often do people just pop into a group conversation. I do it nicely though After gaining my rapport with the group and having the three women all tell me that they didn’t know much about it. Two of the three complied with the suggestability tests and one of those became a great hypnotic volunteer. She went into trance quickly, easily and deeply. Straight to arm catalepsy (thats where you get the arm stiff and straight). I left the arm in that position with the suggestion it will stay pointed up to the sky while I brought her up.
To her friends amusement she looked up at me and started talking while leaving the arm right up there. Her friends thought this was a great joke. Time up – I let her have her arm back and moved on to the next table.
The next two tables were also interesting but no responsiveness. Three guys having lunch so not really appropriate timing. Then a table of four young women. They didn;t believe in hypnosis. Yet they are in and out of trance all the time, they just weren’t aware of it.
Loved having fun with the demo anyway. Just like I’ll be having fun with those of you who come to the “Hypnosis Downunder” comedy hypnosis show on Thursday 29th November 2012 8pm doors open. First drink on me!
Have a great week,

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