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Are you rigid or flexible?

Hi folks,
This is an interesting insight today. One of my teachers used to say to me - utilise the client's trance - be flexible. What he means is to start working with people where they are. When someone comes to see a hypnotist/NLPer for some tranceformation work or to see a show they bring with them not only their map of the world. They also bring with them whatever they are experiencing that day, that moment, when they step/sit in front of you.
Last Friday night's show at Ettalong Bowling Club was no exception. There was about 50 people in the room. Mixed ages. Maybe 1/3 above age 50. And being in a club environment, some people had already had a few drinks before they came in from other parts of the club. A typical club crowd.
When I do my preparations for a show, a workshop or therapy session I run through the event in my mind, I write the steps/processes/inductions, and in the case of a show, I also rehearse. Remember the 5Ps? Proper planning prevents poor performance. For this show I had done my preparation PLUS allowed for my inductions to be flexible. There are so many inductions to use and its easy to become comfortable with a few. Yet, having been caught by my own fixed approach in a previous show, I stepped up a bit in my preparation by allowing for flexibility.
And so, as it turned out, I was able to adapt to different volunteers. Some people responded to the suggestability tests quite well and the others I dismissed from the stage. Then, at the inductions, some responded well to instant inductions and then others responded well to an Elman type induction. Then the show went along at a great pace. With audience and volunteers having a great time.
The lesson? Be prepared, be flexible and adaptable, BE the hypnotist!
Hope that sharing my experience was helpful for you. Have a fantastic day, where ever you are, what ever time it is for you...as you read these words...sitting in your chair...you can be happy...knowing that your understanding of hypnosis grows.
Take care,
Wayne :)

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