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What will you do, or not, in a hypnotic trance?

Some people say that you will do anything in a trance …. and some say you will not do in trance what you would not do in your normal conscious state.
What's the reality? Trick question. We create our own reality. If you’re a fan of Derren Brown you may have seen him hypnotise a young man to be an assassin. Even though the young man would probably never assassinate anyone in his normal conscious state the suggestions were done in such a way that he was merely shooting a target …not a person.
in a recent hypnosis show I found that one volunteer would not participate in the routine that involved smoking a hypnotic joint. He refused it outright. Have a look here.
Watch from the 4min 42 second mark and you will see that Joe, on far right, will not accept the hypnotic joint. And thats OK.
Interesting…isn’t it.
The thing is, how can we reframe things in our own life so that we do the things that we should be doing?
Well, you’ll have to give me a holler at wayne@hypnosis-downunder.com.au and we can chat and figure it out for you…in trance.
Have a great day,
0416 929 636

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