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Grateful for learning opportunities

Hi all,

Love to share with you two hypnotic concepts that will make a difference to how you experience your life......in a very positive way....would you like to know what they are?

One of my mates used to say "I've never had a bad day in my life...some are just better than others".. We all know the saying "shit happens". Right? Its how we deal with it that makes the difference...and you have a choice about how you deal with it.

We all have days that come to seemingly challenge us and knock us out of whatever comfort zone we've settled into. "Yours truly" is no exception and today was no exception. So I'd like to share two ways that I utilise myself to change how I work through things.

Firstly, REFRAMING....by which I mean, considering the situation from a different point of view. Have you ever had that experience before that when you looked at something differently you experienced it differently? You have....haven't you!

You can reframe things in a few different ways. One way is to ask yourself questions like "What else can this mean?" , "What's the gift inside this issue?", "Is there something for me to learn which I can be grateful for?" or even making statements such as "I'm grateful for the gift inside this ...". Play with it, ask yourself a few different questions and see what happens.

Another way to reframe, especially if you are a "feeling" type person is to move yourself physically into a different position. The movement and the different location create a change in perception. Actually, Anthony Robbins says "Motion creates emotion".

Secondly, STATE CHANGE, is a great way to change how you act/react to different situations. Being able to move your STATE OF MIND from negative to positive is a resource that you already have. Consciously using that resource is a skill to practise and develop. Remember a time when you felt flat, sad, negative.....how did you deal with stuff? Poorly, right?

Now flip that right around completely. Remember a time when you felt really strong, powerful and creative......how did you feel with stuff that happened? Like you could deal with it easily, confidently...didn't you?

Practise it with sincerity ....don't try to do it.... DO IT. You'll notice a difference.

"I'm grateful for what I've learnt today. It's a gift that is helping me to grow and be more of who I want to become"

Good night :)

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