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Bust The Waist - Be Healthy!


You have successfully purchased your first step to create your ideal body image..

To access your recording to create the change click here.

The link will take you to Dropbox where you can setup a FREE account to download both recordings and - Bust The Waist - be Healthy!

WARNING - as these recordings are hypnotic in nature they cause you to be very focused on one thing only, which is my voice. Therefore, only listen to these recordings when you can be seated or laying down quietly undisturbed for 35-40 minutes.

No driving or operating of machinery!!!

If you encounter any difficulties with this please email me at and let me know. My goal is to make your purchase experience as easy and trouble free as possible.

To enable me to continue to improve my hypnotic recordings please email me your feedback and let me know what worked for you and what could be improved, specifically.

Be your ideal you!


Personalised - Bust The Waist - Be Healthy!

Thank you for ordering your own personalised hypnotic recording. This recording will be based on your answers to the questions below. Utilising the type of language you speak, your habits, your beliefs, your fears - Wayne creates a very custom made recording to assist you with creating the change .... you want to become your ideal, healthy, motivated YOU!

Answer the questions. Then copy and paste to your email and send to Wayne at

Questionnaire - Bust The Waist - Be Healthy

Name ______________________________________________

Email ______________________________________________

Date of birth _________________________________________

1. Are you becoming your ideal body image for you or someone else? Yes or No

2. What are your top 3 reasons for making this change?

3. Have you tried to lose weight before ? Yes or No

4. If yes to Q4. How many times? What methods? (diets)

How long did it last?

5. If you gave up and then went back to your excess weight...what caused that?

6. What is your trigger to eat? (a time, a place, with coffee, with alcohol)

7. What 3 things do you regard as the best reward you can have for doing something well? Describe in detail.

8. What 3 things do you fear the most about being overweight? Describe graphically.

9. What 3 things are the most vile, disgusting things that you can think of which make you totally nauseous.

10. What is one thing that you believe to be absolutely true? eg gravity, sun rises each day

11. What is something that is absolutely untrue about you? eg if you are male then female is untrue, if you are age 50 then age 21 is untrue.

Thank you. If I require more detail I'll send you an email to clarify. Your assistance will help me get your personalised recording just right for you!

Have an awesome day,


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