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Business Opportunity

You have clicked on this page....maybe out of curiosity...maybe you're looking for opportunities...maybe you're not...either means that you are looking for something.....I'll run this past you.

One person can't hope to do what a multitude can do. Do you remember the quote that went like this "I'd rather have 1% of a hundred people's effort than 100% of my own"

You know a bit about me from reading my blogs and watching my videos. You've seen that I share a fair bit about myself to develop a relationship with you, my reader. I love hypnosis and NLP. I love to see people change for the better. And if you remember that a lot of hypnotic results come from our positive intent.

I want to spread the joy of giving audiences everywhere a hilariously fantastic comedy hypnosis show.....around the world. matter where you are in the world....if you like what I do.....I'm happy to perform where ever that may be. Here is my thought on how to share that with YOU!

I'm currently planning a world wide tour. Dates are being sorted. I'd love your input.

If you would like to see my show(s) in your area and you're prepared to do the groundwork to make shows happen then ...I will share with you what I normally (and significantly) pay to an agent

Contact me on to get more details.

Successful outcomes mean that you benefit. As I me and we can get the conversation going on how it works.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Enjoy your day.

Wayne Donnelly

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