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Bust The Waist - Be Healthy!

Get your recordings instantly when you buy now....Your investment $47

Do You Want More Zest For Life and Less Weight!

Are you frustrated with trying to lose weight, with diets that don’t work in the long term? (and diets never will)

Is your health, self esteem and relationship suffering because you’re overweight?

What if you could reach your ideal weight, increase your self esteem and renew your zest for life, easily and effortlessly, without willpower, without guilt?

What if you could do that without having to think consciously about what you eat or what exercise you do?

Imagine enjoying the feeling of seeing yourself in your favourite outfit and saying to yourself “Wow, you look good and I love who you are”.

Learn and experience for yourself how hypnosis can help you reprogram your mind on the inside so you can change who you are on the outside.

Become your ideal weight the easy way without dieting. Let the power of your mind take control to reduce your weight in a safe and lasting way.

The time to make that change your mind to these possibilities.

Your hypnotic weight reduction sessions will let you –

- Trade in old beliefs for new, positive, empowering beliefs

- Reprogram your mind to be your ideal weight (everything else follows)

- Learn the 4 rules to eating for weight reduction – they will surprise you!

- Take home your own hypnotic recording

- 21 Day Accountability Program to ensure your success.

Get your recordings instantly when you buy now....Your investment $47


- Hypnotic Relaxation Recording 15 min

- Hypnotic Weight Reduction Recording 37 min

- Instructions

- Four Guidelines to Eating Well - Printout

Your Personalised "Bust The Waist - Be Healthy" recording

To create a "change" recording which is personalised to your situation then this is for you. This recording will be based on your habits, your beliefs, your identity. After you order, a detailed questionnaire will be sent to you. After completion and return of this questionnaire Wayne will personally review and prepare a recording which goes right to the core of who you are and creates effective and lasting change.

Your investment $97.

Classes to Bust The Habit Forever

Next workshop - Sat 30/11/13 - Currumbin, Gold Coast

Send me your expression of interest to join a class so that I can let you know when the next one is being conducted at a location near you. AND watch this space for classes to "Bust The Waist - Be Healthy". This is a fantastic way to spend a day together with people, just like you, who want to become their ideal body image. Group motivation is a powerful force.

Come and feel the energy.Your investment $147

Early bird prices available - CLICK HERE

Details posted as classes are booked

One on One POWER Session - Bust The Waist - Be Healthy!

Book your personal one on one, face to face, POWER session to Bust The Waist - be Healthy.

Warning - Be Prepared for Powerful action.

This dynamic session works! Your mind is totally reprogrammed and rewired so that your identity becomes aligned with your ideal body image. The healthy, motivated person that eats what;s right for you and exercises to keep in shape.

This is a combination of hypnosis, NLP and coaching.

You'll yourself wanting to move towards you body image goals and the coaching will guide you along the way.

This comes with my personal guarantee - you will become your ideal body image. There is "tasking" involved. (ask me what that means for you) If you do the things (tasks) I ask you to do and you don;t become and maintain your ideal body image over 12 months - you get my personal ongoing support at no extra outlay for you to achieve your goal. The guarantee is dependent upon you doing the tasks I ask and prove to me they are done to our mutually agreed level.

Call me on 0416 929 636 to get more details.

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