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Do you want your next corporate event to

- deliver your company message uniquely,

- wow you client or management team,

- engage, educate and empower attendees?


Many event planners today are telling me that they want real value for their investment in a conference, more bang for their buck. What I'm hearing is that you want more than a speaker or entertainer who comes and goes for their allotted time. You're looking for someone who can connect with attendees, become part of the fabric of the event and deliver the vibe you want.

Your MC, speaker and hypnotist, Wayne Donnelly, understands the importance of corporate entertainment and works hand-in-hand with you to make it right.

You want customized entertainment built from the ground up to ensure that your upcoming corporate event offers your company that new experience - something creative and exciting.

Do you want an MC to engage and energise your team throughout the event so that speakers and their topics are linked to each other and to attendees with a glue that keeps the message top of mind?

Do you want break out sessions and workshops designed to draw out their inner strengths to grow your company?

Do you want that dreaded last afternoon of the conference to be the most motivating and uplifting for all with a comedy hypnosis show?

If these concepts ring a bell with you, if you can see the value of a customised event or you may feel that you want to learn more....then I welcome your contact to listen to what you would like to achieve.

Call Wayne on 0416 929 636 or get a media kit by completing the space below

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