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QI Yoga Specials

Thanks for coming to my Free Public Hypnosis Demonstration at QI Yoga. To express my appreciation for you being with me on Saturday evening ....I have a couple of bonus offers for you.

Choose from a hypnotic recording, a workshop or a personal consultation. YOU save on each.

Hypnotic Recordings Bonus

For all recordings I recommend listening each day for 30 days. Best times are first thing in the morning before you get up or last thing at night as you drift...

1. Bust The Habit - Become a non-smoker easily and effortlessly - $20

2. Bust A Phobia - Remove your fears completely - $20

3. Bust Your Waist - start creating the ideal you - $20

Hypnotic Workshops Bonus

From the interest expressed in the Hypnosis/NLP Workshops I've put up a bonus as well. Rather than pay $97 for a 2-3 hour workshop on removing phobias, becoming a non-smoker, losing weight etc ...this will be available to you for only $57. (minimum 10 people)

Each attendee receives a video of the workshop...including the trance work and hypnotic that you can replay them for your benefit.

You also receive a copy of the hypnotic recordings valued at $47

In your exclusive group of 10 you will receive the attention and information you need to achieve your desired outcome.

Dates will be confirmed and will be each Saturday evening over the next month.

Individual Appointments

Many people find that prefer to meet on a "one on one" basis. If this is better for you then I also have a bonus for you. Rather than pay my normal rate of $197 per hour...because you came to the Free Public Hypnosis Demonstration at QI Yoga your first 2 hour session is $197.

This means you receive an additional $197 value.

This is for any change work - removing phobias, becoming a non-smoker, creating your ideal image etc.

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