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 About Wayne

Wayne is a master hypnotist based on Queensland's Gold Coast

His priority is your comedy hypnosis entertainment and helping you change your life in a positive way through hypnosis and NLP.

Wayne provides quality entertainment for company parties and conferences.

His show is a proven winner, crowd pleaser and you want Wayne back year after year!

Hypnosis developed as Wayne's passion after experiencing a firewalk with Anthony Robbins in 1996. In 2005 suffering a major back injury and then experiencing depression, a hypnotherapist worked with Wayne to embrace life.

So when an opportunity came to make a career change Wayne left the financial world and did his formal studies in hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

In 2011/12 international hypnotist from the USA, Don Spencer, trained Wayne in the craft of comedy stage hypnosis.

Now Wayne travels around Australia entertaining crowds with comedy hypnosis shows, helping people change patterns of behaviour with group hypnosis workshops and uplifting audiences with hypnotic motivation.

To learn more about how Wayne can assist you , please call 0416 929 636

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